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Vegas Pool Sharks 1.0.7 (Java) 26/04/10 Trial version English
  • Java

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Hustle your way to pool superstardom

James Thornton

Articles Vegas Pool Sharks
  • Realistic ball physics
  • Aiming assist
  • Slick 3D graphics
  • No two player option
  • Only four computer opponents
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Welcome to Vegas. How about a nice little game of pool? But soon those friendly locals you met in the casino are showing a certain predatory side. Congratulations, you are now playing Vegas Pool Sharks, with your car title, mortgage, and kids' college fund on the table.

Features of the game:

  • Four opponents with increasing skill levels
  • Three game types
  • Realistic physics
  • Full 3D viewing with tilt and zoom
  • Aim assist
  • Save/Resume game
  • 'English' spin
  • Tally sheet showing wins and losses

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Articles Vegas Pool Sharks

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